Zach and Amanda: A Proposal

These two are really great friends of ours. I had been telling Amanda for a while I wanted to capture her and Zach in front of my camera, instead Zach had other plans. He said he wanted to use the time to propose, which of course the love junkie I am, I was so excited to be a part of this!:) I disciple Amanda, so you can’t even imagine how hard it was to not blurt out something about the proposal the day before when I saw her.. which was more than twice! I was so nervous, but it ended up happening perfectly. I started by taking a couple of photos of the pair as we made our way up a trail at the back of the Oregon Mountains in Las Cruces. I had seen a spot a couple days before where you could hike up to a peak and see over the whole valley and my was it beautiful. I kept taking photos of them, when Zach told Amanda he had a letter for her. Then he dropped a knee and she was in total shock! And so so excited!:) Yay marriage! Thanks for letting me a part of this you two:)



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