The Schrimsher Birth Story

Where do I even begin with this birth story?! Well I am going to walk you through what it meant to capture this moment, because it starts seven years ago. Brenna and I attended the same Elementary school, but our friendship really began our first week of college at the University of New Mexico in 2010. I saw she was rushing a sorority on Facebook and I commented on something she posted. Our friendship never turned back once we met up on the way to recruitment. Brenna is an absolutely incredible friend, amazing wife and loving mom. As I sit here reflecting on seven (holy cow that flew by!!) years of friendship, I can’t help but think of all the little moments and large moments we have experienced and rejoiced in together. We were together through the little moments of freshman year. We shared a dorm bed multiple times so we could talk through the night and workout together in the morning. We attended Dirty Head concerts together, jammed hard to Blink-182, made music videos together and joked about nothing. I really think Brenna taught me to be embrace the ‘weird’ and that I didn’t have to be anything other than myself.

I was there when she met Drew our freshman year, accepted Christ into her life and married Drew. She was there when I struggled through a college exchange program, received Christ into my life, and married Tyler. I remember the August morning she called to tell me she was pregnant with their first baby. The first friend I called to tell I was pregnant (and it was an early morning haha) was Brenna. Drew is nothing short of an incredible best friend to Brenna and dad to Rhett and I have enjoyed their friendship for the past {almost} seven years. So, as expected, when Brenna came to me and asked if I would capture the birth of their second baby, I could hardly contain my excitement. I told her I felt like I was receiving a VIP pass; mainly because I would get to know the gender of the baby as soon as they did! And secondly because birth is an incredibly sacred experience. Their is nothing {let me tell you} like birth pain and transition contractions. But there is also nothing like the reward of a brand new life coming into the world with the sound of that first cry.

On the morning of April 28th, Brenna told me she had experienced contractions all night long. We decided to walk the Academy and I was crossing my fingers it would pick up in the afternoon. I continued to text Brenna all day and evening, but nothing progressed seriously. Around 10:20pm I told her I was going to go to bed; Drew told me to take a nap and that they might head to the hospital in a couple of hours. Well there was NO way I could sleep after that!! I decided to head over to their house around 11:15pm and as soon as I got there I could hear everyone saying “We are going to the hospital!” From that moment on it was “go time” and adrenaline was rushing. We sped drove swiftly to the hospital and I followed the doula {Judy Key} to Presbyterian. Brenna checked in around 11:38pm and we gladly found out she was 8-9cm dilated!

Brenna was an incredible laborer. Drew and Judy were unbelievable support. With only a few pushes, Eloise Clementine Schrimsher entered the world at 12:35am. Drew was crying so much, he couldn’t see the gender so Brenna called out the baby as a girl. I was totally crying too. Birth is one of my favorite things to capture, take a look at their story below.


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