The Leal Birth Story

I have to say, I think birth stories are my new favorite category of photography!! This was my first one, but it was an unexplainably cool experience. Maybe its because we are expecting a baby in June (that I can seriously hardly be patient for) or just getting to be a part of a birth in general, I fell in love with spending my time at the hospital. I think it was the anticipation of the baby arriving that maybe it enjoyable and exciting. Robby and Jenna had a C-Section to welcome little baby Levi into the world and I captured the preparation for surgery and the moments of family meeting the sweet little fresh baby for the first time. I took A LOT of photos, so here they are- enjoy 🙂 (Also, I think everyone should hire a photographer for [at least] post-birth photos. The excitement of family meeting the baby for the first time can never be recreated and gosh such beautiful memories to remember forever!)

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