Quinns Birth Story

It is really difficult to put into words the emotions and joy this birth experience brought me. For starters, Kacy has been a good friend to me since we were juniors in high school. Closer at certain times than others, but none the less still a sweet and dear friend. We have seen a lot of life together over the last 8 years and nothing will compare to experiencing one another’s first babies entering the world! Back in June Kacy was my doula and I could not have gotten through some of those contractions without her. To watch her labor and birth Quinn (like a warrior I might add) was just incredible. Child birth has a lot of sacred moments when you are in the depths of it and to step into that with Chase and Kacy was simply indescribable. I hope these images evoke the emotion and tremendous joy that came with the birth of this long awaited child. On January 7th, 2017 and just past 8 p.m., Quinn Montgomery Thomson, came into the world. Take a look at her arrival.


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