Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

Lutherstadt Wittenberg is home of the Reformation that occurred in 1517 and involved Martin Luther’s split from the Catholic church. When Tyler’s grandma began planning the trip in May, she asked where we wanted to go and my husband, being a reformed junkee, requested we go to Wittenberg. We even prepped for the day and a half experience by reading a book on Martin Luther! Luther was a catholic monk and broke from the church and began the Protestant denomination. Most learn about Luther pinning the 95 these to the church door, but it was really a process of breaking away from the catholics and he had many debates and arguments with several Catholic ‘big wigs’.

Wittenberg was such a wonderful and beautiful city to see. We traveled from Munich, one of the busiest cities in Germany, and in comparison Wittenberg was empty (I guess not many care about the reformation haha!). I loved that we got to leisurely explore the town, stroll the cobble stone streets, and drink lots of expresso. Tyler loved the museums! We even got to see the door Luther pinned the theses on, his actual robes, and his handwritten letters. It was a beautiful time and there is going to be a 500 year party in 2017- so if you are interested in seeing the city that is going to be a fun time to go!

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