Chase & Kacy

This session has such a special place in my heart! I have been dreaming of a session in the mountains for a long time. Actually, I would love to shoot in the mountains for every session! The people, the weather and the views truly made it a one of a kind session. Chase and Kacy are close friends of ours and it has been an honor to watch their marriage grow and endure the past three years. Their love for one another is truly contagious! You can see from their images how fond they are of one another.

This session was to celebrate their love and three years of marriage! We arrived at the Sandia Crest and it was raining. I prayed it would clear and it did! We jumped out of the car and rain into the forest. We then captured some shots on the crest and it began to rain again! They wrote a letter to one another and we spent time under some trees while they read them. It was a very peaceful and serene couple of minutes; what a beautiful way to reflect on three years together and to cultivate the kind of sweet and pure love marriage can have. The rained slowed and we wondered back onto the crest as the sun was setting and rain continued to pour over Albuquerque. I love this session and I hope you do to <3

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